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A full offer of the highest-quality prefabricated elements can be found on the site: CONCRETE PREFABICATED ELEMENTS

Our speciality is also the production of technologically advanced and highly-processed building materials and elements of a building construction. These products are used in the low-energy construction sector, allowing engineers to design freely, and allowing general constructors to quickly and precisely install construction elements adjusted even to the most unique architectural solutions.

Based on spealist knowledge and professional techonology facilities we produce among other things:

  • wooden constructions,
  • window and door joinery, facades and other elements from aluminium and PCV.
  • small-size concrete products,
  • composite filigran ceilings,
  • reinforced concrete elements (beams, columns, binders, still plates),
  • single- and multi-layer reinforced concrete walls,
  • pad footings and foot pillars,
  • prefabricated flights of stairs and landings,
  • prestressed and non-prestressed hollow-core slabs,
  • many kinds of ceiling slabs including thermally activated ones,

A computerised and continously controlled production process allows us to create safe and modern building constructions from elements of standard and unusual dimensions and finishings – unprecedented in the case of the traditional construction sector.

The most important benefits of their use include:

  • the freedom of shaping any objects’ bodies,
  • shaping objects’ interiors without limitations,
  • a quick and easy installation,
  • eliminating failures on the construction site,
  • high thermal insulation.

The benefit of using our solutions is the possibility to conduct installation works even during bad weather conditions, for example in the winter. In this way, we effectively extend the building season and reduce the total time of construction.


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